Thursday, September 10, 2009

Recommendations from Julie

Helping Me Help Myself by Beth Lisick
Beth Lisick took a year in her life to investigate different inspirational self-help gurus. She learned a little something from each one of them but what makes the book enjoyable is the character of Beth Lisick. It is a joy to watch her on her self-improvement journey attempting to incorporate all of the advice into her very interesting life.

The Film Club by David Gilmour
A father allows his 16-yr. old son to drop out of school on the condition that they spend their time together, watching movies. This is a film lover's dream: to spend one's days watching films, but what really grabs you about this book is the father's love and devotion for his son.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Recommendations from Julie

A Good Death by Elizabeth Ironside
1944 France. When the owner of a country estate returns home from the war he finds his home and family in tatters and a dead SS officer at his front gate. The mystery is in unraveling the events of the German occupation of the estate and the effects on the family. Very interesting.

The Photographer by Guibert/Lefèvre/Lemercier
French photographer Didier Lefèvre accompanied the Doctors Without Borders group into Afghanistan during the war with Russia. This is his photo-diary of the trip. This is an amazing graphic novel!

South by South Bronx by Abraham Rodriguez
Rodriguez has an experimental, inventive and lyrical writing style which is not the easiest to keep track of but the story does give you a general feel for and picture of the South Bronx.

Bury Me Deep by Megan Abbott
Megan Abbott is great at noir crime fiction! She ably and sympathetically describes a young woman's fall from grace: her introduction to the world of sex, drugs and alcohol followed by her enforced toughening when she has to deal with the mess in which she finds herself. This book is very well-written--you can't put it down!
Megan Abbott's website.