Friday, March 21, 2008

Follow Your Bliss!

The Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner

The author, an NPR correspondent, set off on a trip around the world searching for answers to what makes people happy and where they are the happiest. Armed with information compiled by serious researchers, he visited happy countries like Iceland (yes Iceland!) and unhappy ones like Moldova, where distrust and lack of hope have left people certifiably miserable. Interviewing and observing as he went, Eric discovered a world of different attitudes and perspectives but many common themes to achieving a blissful existence. This was an enjoyable and enlightening book; reading it was truly a happy experience!

Eric Weiner's website
Interview with Eric Weiner

Reviewed by Judie

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Suzanne Fisher said...

Thank you for recommending this book! I listened to the author read it on CD. He's quite personable; at the end of the book I wanted to go out for coffee with him! I liked the book because it's easy to read but not shallow. It gave me a lot to ponder.